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Iron & Wine at the Royal Oak Music Theatre 18 Apr 08

Last Friday Lisa and I dropped the kids off at her parents house and then headed to the Royal Oak Music Theatre to catch Califone and Iron & Wine. It was a general admission show, so we ended up sitting in the balcony so that we wouldn't have to stand all night. We caught most of the Califone opening set. It was enjoyable enough, but the most interesting thing to me was thinking about the comparison back to Rutili's previous band, Red Red Meat, with which I'm much more familiar.

The Iron & Wine set started with a few songs featuring just Sam, his sister, and his guitar. This was the best part of the show in my opinion. Stripped down is how I like him. The collaboration with Calexico and the full-band jam-i-ness of The Shepherd's Dog is less my thing. The rest of the set was enjoyable too but pretty darn mellow (Lisa's actually dozed off briefly). We were kind of hoping he'd go back to solo again for the encore, but no such luck. The songs that I remember being played: Boy With a Coin, Woman King, Jezebel, Upward Over the Mountain, and The Trapeze Singer. Bird Stealing Bread was probably the main one I was hoping to hear but didn't. For Lisa, it was Naked as We Came. One of the more surprising aspects for me was how anal the venue's staff was. They were even harrassing people who were taking photos with camera phones.

I guess I would say Sam Beam (along with David Bazan) is my latest music obsession...following in the footsteps of Will Oldham and Jeff Mangum.









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