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#012 Pre​-​1950s


"Woohoo! It's my month to pick. Since it seems we were all in some way raised on rock n' roll, i thought it would be good for us to reach back to before there really was such a thing. So record a cover of a song written before 1950."


- The Story of Mary Arnold:

- "On Moonlight Bay" was first published in 1912, I found a couple of versions from around the same year that have the actual verses, but I decided to work from the more "well known" arrangements that folks like Doris Day did, so just the chorus and then instrumental arrangements.

- "People Know" Based on a traditional ballad, first recorded in 1928 by Louis Armstrong and one of his "hot" bands, not sure if it was 5s or 7s. Really damn great. He did another version years later, but it's not as good. Cab Calloway does a great version too.

released September 1, 2016

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