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#017 Title Tracks


Write a title track for an existing album that doesn't have a title track.

For example: You can write a song called "Rubber Soul" because that album does not have a title track. You should not write a song called "Help!" because that album already has a song called "Help!".

Albums referenced:
1. "Precise Modern Lovers Order" by the Modern Lovers
2. "All Hail West Texas" by the Mountain Goats
3. "Monolith" by Kansas
4. "If Lightning Strikes Us Both" by The Ocelots
5. "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" by The Monkees
6. "Steady Diet of Nothing" by Fugazi
7. "Destroyer/Appetite For Destruction" a combo of KISS and Guns and Roses
8. "Rocket to Wrigley" by the Ueckers
9. "Sophtware Slump" by Grandaddy
10. "Ramones" by the Ramones
11. "Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way?" by The Field Mice
12. "#1 Record" by Big Star
13. "Songs of Love and Hate" by Leonard Cohen
14. "Oh Me Oh My" by Devendra Banhart

released  February 1, 2017

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