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#039 Song Building


"How about we build songs off of other songs by other artists. So, pick a random song (preferably something instrumental and more obscure but really whatever you want), add overdubs on top of it until you feel like you’ve reached a good place, and remove the other artists song from your mix. Then fill it in however you wish! Does this make sense? Hope so!"

Track notes:
1. Built on top of "Yeah (pretentious version)" by LCD Soundsystem
2. Original song "Josephine" by Magnetic Fields
3. Collab between the mighty Harrod dudes.
4. The second half of "Subway" by Penelope in Stereo helped guide the "WE RAN TOO FAST" refrain.
5. Original song "The Things You Said" by Depeche Mode, lyrical inspiration by Crop Circle Hoax.
6. The sound that Kiss or AC/DC produces in me sometimes.

released February 1, 2019

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