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#006 Listverse


msspppp - we (intro) download ... i figure one ant behavior not on that list (which is a crazy list) is making music. ant music wouldn't be very long. and not very individualistic. and it would highlight come collective experience. so i sampled "i", "my", "mine", etc from earlier FFRS songs of nearly everybody and patched them together and spread the results out like tense honey on bread.

Brandon Harrod - In The Swarm download

Magic Crystals - Incredible Movie Quotes download

DudeCougar Mellencamp - In This Box download
The song is inspired by #7 on the list:

Johnny Confidence - Let's Pretend this Mystery is Unsolved download
#7 from

The Cape Routine - Everyone Shoots First download If you have not seen the new Star Wars movie, do not listen to this song. It is written about the first theory - A Main Character Will Not Survive.

Knife Baby - Ghost Trees download about the Ghost Trees of Pakistan

Ladies and Gentile Man - Wisconsin download
I used #8 on my list about people making homes in abandoned subway tunnels.

On the Waterfront - People Don't (And Why Would They?) download

msspppp - ants on your aunts download ... spazzy chaos cause i thought of ants on me.

Jeremy Estes - Agartha Needs Wheels download
a) Fanfare
b) Inside the Earth_Hail Agartha
c)The King in His Chamber in the Earth
d) Regicide
e) Burial of a King
Here's the list:
10 Forgotten French Occultists Who Influenced Modern History

#2-Alexander Saint-Yves D'Alveydre "He claimed that the Earth was hollow and that ancient masters of occult wisdom lived in a city at its center (Agartha), ruling over a civilization of millions. This knowledge had supposedly been revealed to him after his schooling in Sanskrit texts by a mysterious Eastern guru."

The Song:
Agartha Needs Wheels
a) Fanfare
b) Inside the Earth_Hail Agartha
c)The King in His Chamber in the Earth
d) Regicide
e) Burial of a King

In a chamber in the center of the Earth there is a king. He's growing old, his days filled with the bureaucratic duties of his position. At night he dreams of the tales he heard as a boy, stories about the world above the sky. The story goes that there is another earth above his own, that beyond the roof of heaven, through miles and miles of dirt and rock, is a sister world, and there are many wondrous things there.

To bring excitement into his life, the king pours his kingdom's resources into trying to reach this other world. He uses an old book as a guide, and it tells him of the many wonders above. The Corvette, for example.

The king grows mad, and he pours more and more of the kingdom's resources into this project. The people suffer because of the king's delusions. The king ignores the cries of his people and continues with the project. The people revolt and the tunnel they're digging collapses, filling with dirt and rock from the surface. The story ends with the people dragging the king to the site of the collapsed tunnel and burying him alive.

Epilogue: They were digging to the Corvette Museum. They caused the sinkhole there. All this really happened. 

released March 1, 2016

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